We supply Rising PoolDeks™, a remarkable product which saves 90% of heat losses and converts a pool room to an extra room of the house in two minutes.

Indoor PoolDeks™

Create your own total fitness centre with a home gymnasium which will rise into the vaulted ceiling in minutes.

The 200mm thick deck is constructed of high insulation, water-resistant materials and takes a load of 150kg/m². Four synchronised motors effortlessly hoist the deck to the ceiling. The hoist chains are then retracted to give clear, open space. For home, hotel, hospital, health club or school.

  • All year round use
  • Negligible heating costs
  • Totally secure with electronic locking
  • Clean and warm
Outdoor Pool Decks UK

Outdoor PoolDeks™

Imagine the exhilaration of swimming all year round whatever the weather in really warm water with negligible heating costs.

At the press of a button your pool is safe and secure, nearly all your heat is saved and you gain a patio area.

Using high insulation, weather-proof materials which have stood the test of time for many years, very warm temperatures can be economically maintained even through winter.

The Rising PoolDek™ has many happy customers in Europe and is now available in the U.K. It can be installed on many existing pools and the choice of natural materials means it blends into the garden with good effect.

The Rising PoolDek™ is invaluable in town gardens or where you need to keep small children safe.

The deck can be made flush with ground level and can be made with a walk on surface. The structure can form an attractive garden pergola.

Rising PoolDeks


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