UK Pool & Spa Awards 2022

Energy efficiency Eco award for refurbished indoor pool hall in Hampshire

Aqua blue gains energy efficiency Eco award for refurbished indoor pool hall in Hampshire

Aqua blue designs in association with Love to swim Ltd and Polypool, received this very topical award at the UK pool & spa annual award ceremony in December 2022.

Never has this award been more apposite, than in these times of rising energy costs.

A combination of an air source heat pump, solar PV panels and the Polypool insulated pool system, combined with a state-of-the-art Heatstar air handling unit and a high-quality cover, has delivered the lowest carbon footprint possible for this pool hall.

Pool engineers, ‘Love to swim’ completed this work professionally and to the client’s satisfaction.

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Award Entry Details (UK Pool and Spa Awards 2022)

Possibly the UK’s Most Carbon-Neutral Pool

Energy Efficient / ECO Project Award

In late 2021 our clients purchased a large oil fuelled house which included an internal pool room containing a 1980s leaking mosaic tiled pool with dimensions 10.5m x 5.5m and nearly 2.8m deep, powered by an external oil boiler with environment management provided by a 30-year-old air management unit.

Generating green energy was prioritised by the clients in their first-year plans for refurbishing their new family home. This included the installation of a 45kW ground array for heating radiators and hot water, a 33kW solar PV (94 ground-mounted panels) and 40kW Tesla battery storage and Gateway for power management. The pool would be heated by a dedicated 20kW ASHP with buffer tank and a Heatstar Air Handling Unit providing the pool environment management.
Jake Fronda ( was engaged as the main pool contractor. The pool design was by Michael Cormacy of

The client’s requirements were for a slightly smaller, shallower leisure pool that maintained a 32C pool temperature with a corresponding (high) air temperature. The pool was to be useable 24/7 x 365; importantly, running costs were to be as efficient as possible.

The insulated pool wall by Polypool ( was specifically chosen during the design phase due to the unrivalled heat retention features, with the aim to utilise the thermal properties and efficiencies required to meet the client’s specifications. The resultant pool is 9.6m x 4.5m with a depth ranging from 1.1m to 1.5m.

The energy and pool systems were fully commissioned by late summer 2022. The pool is managed and controlled by a Propure Ultra Low Chlorine Treatment with an internet connection via Vistapool app. This allows Love2Swim to access and monitor the pool chemical levels, temperature, and filtration timings. In particular, utilising the mode which allows the end user to set the filtration hours and desired temperature, to which we can tune the pool to operate and its maximum efficiency. This also means that if the client is away, they still have access to control the pool, saving energy when required. All information is data logged on a handy graph that allows you to monitor and tune the heating and filtration times to reduce energy demands. The ASHP brought the pool up to its required 32C operating temperature a week after starting. The Heatstar AHU is maintaining the room environment (room temperature 31C) and humidity (60%) with fans running at 75% capacity. The Solar PV supplies energy to power the ASHP and GSHPs (x3) with spare capacity directed at the house and Tesla batteries. Any spare battery capacity is recharged as required utilising cheaper/overnight electrical tariffs.

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